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What Our Customers Say

Ebrada Financial is the best book keeping and tax service!  Ley and her associates are always there when you need them. San Diegans are lucky to have them! You can tell this business is a passion for her and not just a job. As a busy entrepreneur and Mom it was very hard for me to stay on top of the books for my business. This is where Ebrada Financial came in. They saved me. Ley and her team go above and beyond, always. I have been using their services for years for both bookkeeping and tax services. They are very organized and explain everything that they are doing in laymen terms, which is very helpful for someone like me, who is terrible with numbers. They are very punctual at returning calls and emails and answer any questions right away. They will even sit on the phone with the IRS for you!  They are also very flexible with payment plans to suit you and your business’ needs, even when they suddenly change. This is super helpful especially during these times. (2020…need I say more?) Ley has been so wonderful with sending me information about Covid relief plans for businesses affected by the pandemic.  They were able to catch my business and personal taxes up to date and help me stay on track. All of the stress that I used to experience with certain financial aspects of my business is gone now!  I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have someone you trust managing your books and keeping you on track with the IRS. It truly has freed up valuable time for me to be with my family or just to relax once in a while. They offer very fair rates at Ebrada Financial, but their service is worth its weight in GOLD! I would recommend their services to anyone that asks and I do! Hire Ebrada financial and you will feel that stress melt away. Thank you Ley and team!

Kelly Fritz, Owner La Di Da Sugaring and Medi Spa Oli&Ilo Sugar Paste


I was referred to Ebrada Financial by a close friend and they have been such indispensable advisors for my personal and business affairs for the past few years already! In particular, I’ve found Ley to be an excellent source of advice and a sounding board for anything I need. I value her opinions, advice, and her availability when needed. She really cares about providing personalized care and attention, and helps me so much in a way that simplifies all accounting aspects of operating a small business like mine. I am confident that anyone who works with her will receive the same treatment and premium service. I know she’s got a hefty workload, but she makes me feel like I am an only client and that my business and financial well being is important to her. During the pandemic, she was a huge source of information, would be able to break down things so I could understand them, and would always keep me in the loop for any grants or loans that would apply to me. I never felt intimidated or embarrassed to ask any questions during that time. I can’t thank her enough for everything so far and I look forward to continue working with her in the years to come! 


Verlee Gumban, The Lash Maven 


Ley has been my lifesaver! 

Since I moved to Belgium, I had quite a unique situation of having income in both the US and Belgium. 

Through her vast knowledge and experience, she has been able to help me optimize costs in everything that had to do with my tax situation. Incredibly happy to be her client. :-) 


Myey Moens, Theo and Brom


As a small business owner, I believe in having a good team to support the business in order for us to provide the best for our clients. "Leave it to the professionals" is my motto. Ley, of Ebrada Financial Group, has been an amazing support for me and our salon since 2019. The company provides bookkeeping and tax preparation for us and I must say, the load she has taken off my plate has been life changing. 

Last year when the pandemic turned our lives upside down, I was completely lost and wasn't sure how to move forward.  Ley kept in touch with us and gave us options on how to survive by finding grants for us to apply for and also providing us will all the documents we needed for the PPP loan. For that time I felt at ease and so grateful for these opportunities.  

We can't do it all ourselves. Having people at your side to support you and your business is the most important lesson I've learned. With gratitude I will continue to have Ley on our team.  We will all continue to thrive and support each other. 


Barbie Gotingco , Flair Studio

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