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Go Beyond Numbers

virtual tax gurus

Tax Preparation

Get help in navigating the intricate and ever-changing tax code.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Have a personalized plan that maximizes the achievement of your financial goals.

Bookkeeping Services

Focus on running your business and we’ll manage your day-to-day financial transactions.

Our Services

Bookkeeping Support

Are your books a nightmare? Do you feel stressed or burnt out just thinking about your finances? Do you want more time to focus on your business? We’re here for you!


Tax Preparation Checklist

Not sure what forms and documents you need to file your taxes? Our tax preparation checklist will help you understand what you need to put together for your affairs.


Why Choose Us

More than just providing you with all the services you’d expect from a professional financial firm, Ebrada Financial Group focuses on giving you personalized solutions. We aim to build a strong relationship with you and make sure that we are available to answer any business, accounting, and tax questions you may have.

We go beyond the numbers to provide you with ingenious financial expertise with a personal touch. We are the best support you will ever use.

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